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How To Lose Weight Without Exercising (Part 1)

July 17, 2015


Many people think that weight loss is only possible via exercise – a couple of hours of vigorous exercise, lifting weights, and all their problems will soon be gone. But in reality, that extra weight doesn’t simply fall off only by exercising.

In & Out

Something else has to change as well, and that something else is your diet.

In reality it all comes down to calories in and calories out. Which means that one can lose weight even without working out, only by calorie reduction.

If you happen to have a significant amount of weight to lose, you can reach your seemingly unreachable goal only by cutting down on your calories.

For example, a reduction of only 500 calories per day from your usual intake will equal a one pound of weight loss per week.

Double-Edged Blade

While this is an awesome way to lose weight for those who don’t have time to work out consistently, you have to be aware that when you are losing weight in this manner, you are not only losing fat, you are also losing muscle.

Muscle mass is crucial for building and maintaining a healthy and strong body, so you will need to find a way to build and preserve muscle while losing weight via calorie reduction method. The proper way to do just that is to figure out which workout program is suitable for your lifestyle. Our suggestion is to put an emphasis on weight training.

Next time we will take a closer look at the numbers behind this handy weight loss formula. Stick around.

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