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How To Deal With Embarrassment When Going To The Gym For The First Time

December 5, 2016


It doesn’t matter of you are a girl or a guy, walking into a gym for the first time can be quite an ordeal. Chances are you will feel embarrassed and too self-conscious about your out-of-shape body, while everyone else there seems fit and ripped.

If you know what we are talking about, by all means do read on.

There are several factors that can contribute to your anxiety and embarrassment. You can be overweight, you can be too skinny, you can feel like you’re not wearing the right gym clothes, you can feel like everybody is noticing that you are not using the equipment right, etc…

All these can make you feel out of place and make you quit the gym after only one visit.

In order to prevent this from happening, we came up with 3 useful tips on how to get over the gym anxiety and successfully embark on that journey to a fitter self.

1. Find The Right Gym

If you’re starting from scratch, it is best to find the gym in which you will feel most comfortable.

If your current gym (well, the people in it) is making you feel like you don’t belong there, maybe it is time to switch to another one. Regular gym-goers can be rather cruel to new users, and that’s probably never going to change.

Do your research and find the gym that caters to new users who don’t want to feel intimidated by hunky bodybuilders who bench press some insane weights.

2. Patience Is Key

It is important to give yourself enough time to adjust and get into the game. Anything new we try in life can be tricky. Every new beginning is hard, so make sure your patience is on point.

Ripped gym users can contribute to your stress and anxiety, but you need to remove them from the equation.

While some people adapt quickly to new and unknown endeavors, you might need a much longer period of time to make a breakthrough, and the crucial thing is not to give up too soon.

3. Recognize Your Anxiety As Irrational

Most people tend to be oblivious of this fact, but it is almost always true: most gym users don’t really care about others and are not interested in what you’re doing.

Once you realize this, you will feel free and be able to focus on your workout session fully.

So, just get over your fears, have some patience and make sure you don’t give up too soon.

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