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How To Burn Fat While Watching TV

October 16, 2015


Just a quick disclaimer – This is not an article about some phony routine via which you can get skinny without breaking a sweat. This is an article about the science behind the way you body really burns fat.

Despite the popular belief, you are actually not burning much fat while working out in the gym. The true burning of fat happens outside of the gym. In fact, muscle also isn’t built in the gym while you’re lifting those weights.

The true magic happens once you walk out of the gym. The secret to shedding those love handles lies in the high intensity cardio plan that speeds up your metabolism thus causing it to burn more of fat after the workout session is over.

This is when the Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC, comes in.

What Is EPOC?

High intensity cardio will eventually turn your body into a fat burning machine, even while you’re watching TV.

Your body will burn more calories and you will lose more fat for 24 hours and longer after your training is over. Post-exercise oxygen consumption does the trick and can quickly add up if you perform several sessions each week.

So, choose your high intensity cardio, do the routine at least 3 times a week, then go home, turn on your fav show and feel your body losing weight.

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