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How Regular Running Can Improve Your Health

August 20, 2015


Running for 30 minutes every day can have far wider health benefits than any assistance modern medicine can provide.

Not only is running crucial for losing and maintaining healthy weight, it also prevents a host of other problems, from type 2 diabetes and heart disease to stroke and various types of cancers.

In addition to benefits to physical health, running also provides benefits to mental health as well.

A light jog on the treadmill is often enough to trigger endocannabinoids, a hormone known for producing the “runner’s high”. It relieves symptoms of depression and helps protect against a host of other psychological issues.

Running is a phenomenal exercise that not only burns calories while you work out but it also has what is called the “afterburn” effect, which continues to shed off excess weight following your workout. The fact that running is your best allie for losing weight, it also strenghtens your joints and reverses the process of aging.

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