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High-Impact Workouts Can Strengthen Bones Of Men

October 16, 2016


According to a new study, high-impact workouts can do a lot of good to a man’s body, inside and out.

The results of the research suggest that men who engage in this type of physical activity and resistance training in their teen and young-adult years of life, are more likely to have greater bone density by middle age than their peers who did not.

The study was based on analyzing medical data of 203 men, aged 30 to 65, who had various levels of experience with physical activity in general.

The study has shown that the men who participated in weight-bearing or bone-loading workouts as teenagers had more bone density later in life. High-impact activities were especially important for bone health in those men’s lives.

The researchers behind this project claim that tennis, jogging, and other high-impact activities, help boost bone mass, especially in the hip and lumbar spine over time. Thus, they are more likely to avoid osteoporosis in the later years of their lives. Pamela Hinton, the author of the study, said that osteoporosis is a serious issue for men as well, although it’s commonly associated with postmenopausal women.

“Indeed, research has shown that the consequences of osteoporosis can be much worse for men, as they are less likely to be diagnosed and are at a greater mortality risk from fractures that occur as a result of a fall,” Hinton concluded.

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