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Healthy Fitness: Amazing Tips From Professional Ballerinas Part 2

November 12, 2015


When it comes to the human body and using all of its potential (while also keeping it healthy), ballerinas got it all figured out. And it’s no wonder since their bodies are not just their temples – they’re their whole life. Luckily for us, some stunning ballerinas are eager to share the tips they swear by, which you can implement into your fitness and overall health regime.

Butt Toning With Squats

Almost everyone likes a nice, toned butt and when it comes to gaining a butt like that nothing quite helps a person reach their goal like squats.

Ballerinas don’t rely on squats just for the physical sake of their butts. Squats are great as balance workouts, and when performed properly they impact the whole human body.

To get a dancer’s butt, perform three sets of 20 squats every day.

Porridge The Day Away

Porridge is an amazing meal perfect for starting the day off, and ballerinas consume it quite often, but with slight changes. Instead of using milk, make porridge with water. Throw in some honey, cinnamon, and one banana.

Treat Tired Muscles

Tired muscles have to be treated. If you’re not in the position to go on daily massages, use a couple of home tricks for relaxing your muscles at home. You can put your legs in a huge bucket of ice and cold water for 12 minutes (slightly painful, but worth it), and you can also lie down with your legs up to drain them.

Evening Protein

Try to stock your body with protein in the evening. Turkey breast steaks are a great option, but you can eat any meat if you prepare it in a healthy way. Use olive oil, light soy sauce, onion, and always boil your meat instead of frying it. Add in some steamed vegetables and sweet potatoes to make the meal complete.

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