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Grenade’s Brutal Workout

February 12, 2014

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When you are just getting started with weight training, it is important to take things slow. When you lift weights, you tear down and build up your muscles, and that process can take some time. Trying to do too much right away or lift too much weight at the beginning could result in a serious injury and leave you on the sidelines while you heal.

One of the great things about weight training is that it is progressive. You may not be able to handle more than a couple of small barbells when you first start, but as your muscles get stronger it will take more and more weight, and more and more repetitions to keep you challenged and moving forward. That is one of the concepts behind the intense workouts designed by Team Grenade.

Team Grenade is known for its series of intense workouts, from thermogenic exercises designed to burn fat and build six-pack abs to spot training to create the sculpted look so many body builders crave.

The brutal Team Grenade leg and shoulder workout is a prime example of the latter.

When done properly, this intense DTP workout is perfect for spot training, if you can handle the intensity.

If you have never done this workout before, it is a good idea to get an expert opinion before trying it for the first time.

The Grenade leg and shoulder workout can be very effective, but it can be dangerous when not handled properly.

If you are not familiar with it, this brutal workout for legs and shoulders users a combination of repetitions and ever-increasing weight to provide a truly intense workout.

This intense exercise session is not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for the beginner, but if you are an experienced weight lifter in search of a new challenge, the Grenade workout for legs and shoulders just may be the right choice for you.

The concept behind the Team Grenade workout is a fairly simple one. The DTP workout starts with 50 reps at a fairly low weight, followed by 40 at a slightly higher weight, 30 at a higher weight, 20 with still more weight and finally 10 reps at maximum weight.

After that pattern is complete, the system reverses. That means doing 10 reps at the maximum weight, then slowly taking weight off and adding 10 reps at a time until you are back to the 50 reps at the lowest weight.

As you might expect, the Team Grenade is very intense, and not recommended for beginning weight lifters. Even experienced weight trainers should always have a spotter when performing the DTP system.

If you have seen one of the many Grenade workout videos on the web, you will notice that the people doing those intense exercises have someone with them – watching them perform the exercises, helping to adjust the weight and making sure that everything goes smoothly.

If you just started lifting weights, the Grenade workout is probably beyond your current abilities. It is, however, a worthy goal to work toward. The DTP system does provide a very intense workout, and it is a great way to keep yourself challenged and engaged as you move through your weight training program.

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