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Getting Muscle With Spring Foods

April 22, 2015


When holiday season ends, whether with purpose or subconsciously, we lower our meat consumption. This pushes many people who wish to build muscle into overdrive, as they get scared that they won’t consume enough protein in the days to come.

People who felt a little freer during winter find themselves in this situation more often than others. Gaining a few pounds is normal during this period, but it’s getting them off that you have to worry about. With that in mind, here are a couple of spring foods that will help you both shed some weight and put on some muscle.

Vegetables For Better Results

With the color of spring being green, it’s time to focus on all the healthy green foods you can eat.

First off we have spinach, which is rich in nitrates. These are beneficial for your cardiovascular health, while the vitamin K found in spinach can also help you keep your bones strong.

Aside from Popeye’s favorite food, you have the mighty asparagus.

As spinach, it’s rich in vitamin K, but it also provides you with precious fiber. Fiber consumption is a crucial part of the weight loss process, as well as in gaining muscles.

Tiny, Red Balls Of Health

Now that we’re done with veggies, let’s shift our gaze over to fruits. You have two red fruits to concentrate on this spring, and one of them is the cherry.

Cherries might be mildly rich in sugar, but their healing properties in the post-workout recovery make them a perfect addition to your afternoon smoothie. They are packed with the anti-inflammatory compound anthocyanin, which will prevent muscle damage.

The other fruit you need to eat this spring are strawberries. Similar to cherries, these delicious red berries are filled with antioxidants, which are more than welcome if you’re looking to speed-up your post workout recovery.

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