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Get A Bootylicious Butt In A Month With These 13 Easy Exercises

February 19, 2014

A pretty face and great cleavage are not enough. To be considered truly beautiful, a woman needs to look as good from the back as the front. Whether you plan to wear a bikini or a ball gown, and whether you want to impress by waltzing or twerking, you need firm shapely hips to look your best.

The main muscles affecting the shape of your hips are the gluteal muscles. To firm the saddlebag area along the sides of your hips, you should develop the hip abductor muscles.

Also, work your hamstrings to shape the area where the back of your thighs meets your hips, especially if you are seeing signs of sagging.

1. Stair Climbing


Work your glutes and hamstrings while burning excess calories by climbing stairs. You can do long workouts on stair-climbing machines, or just use the stairs in your home, office, or local shopping mall for quick and convenient workout.

2. Elliptical Trainer


Blast your butt without stressing your joints on an elliptical trainer. To emphasize gluteals, increase the incline on the machine. Using reverse motion (walking backwards) on an elliptical focuses your hamstrings.

3. Uphill Running


All forms of running burn off excess calories and develop your hamstrings, but running up hills also builds your gluteal muscles. Set your treadmill on an incline or head out to a hilly road for a fat-busting butt-shaping workout.

4. Swimming


Get into your bathing suit to get ready for bathing-suit season. All forms of swimming build your hamstrings. Because swimming is a non-impact exercise, it is especially good for recovery days between weight workouts or maintaining fitness when returning from an injury.

5. Lunges


For a simple butt workout you can do anywhere at any time, do regular, reverse and side lunges. Regular and reverse lunges emphasize glutes and hamstrings; side lunges work the problem areas on your inner thighs, outer thighs and outer hip. Notch up the intensity by holding weights in your hands as you lunge.

6. Squats


Although the main focus of squats is your quadriceps, when you squat, your glutes and hamstrings are working as synergist or stabilizer muscles.

7. Standing Back Kicks


Any backward kicking movement works your glutes and hamstrings. You can stand on one foot and kick back with a straight leg or bend the knee of your working leg and try to kick yourself in the butt.

Stand with your feet parallel and raise one leg straight out to your side to work hip abductors underlying your saddlebag area. Add ankle weights or resistance bands for an extra challenge.

8. Lying Leg Lifts


Lie on your stomach and, while holding the rest of your body still, alternate lifting your right and left legs as if you are swimming freestyle to work your gluteals. Next, try to kick yourself in the butt with one leg at a time to develop your hamstrings. Add ankles weight for extra muscle building.

9. Ballet Barre


You never see a ballerina with a flat or sagging butt. The standing exercises done in ballet classes at the barre work every muscle of your legs and hips, and produce the lovely lean line you see on the stage. Call local dance schools or companies for ballet exercise or adult classes.

10. Leg Press


The leg press machine works your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. Don’t be afraid to use big weights. You get the best body-shaping benefits by using the maximum amount of weight you can lift 12 to 15 times with good form.

11. Leg Curl


Isolate your hamstrings with a leg curl. The lying, standing and seated leg curl machines all use the same muscles, so choose whichever is most comfortable for you.

12. Hip Abductor Machine


Hip or thigh abductor machines, in which your spread your legs against resistance, isolate the problem areas along your outer thighs and hips. Make sure to balance them with thigh abductor exercises to firm up your inner thighs.

13. Multi-Hip Machine


Some gyms have standing multi-hip machines in which you stand on one leg and use the other leg to press against a roller to lift a weight stack. Consult a trainer to learn how to use the machines in all four positions for a total hip workout.

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