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Future Of Fitness: Burn 250 Calories While At Your Desk

November 19, 2015


Imagining the fitness of the future didn’t really involve a vest, did it? Although this particular vest hit the market whole two years ago, it didn’t quite catch on until recently. Now, almost 1 in every 20 desk workers is using this ingenious workout outfit.

Called the Cold Shoulder, this calorie-burning vest was developed by NASA’s Wayne B. Hayes.

The Cold Shoulder was envisioned as a much safer alternative to cryotherapy – a calorie-burning “therapy” in which a person gets subjected to subzero temperatures in a chamber.

The secret of its incredible calorie-burning power lies in its pockets, according to the manufacturers.

Filled with six ice packs, these pockets will give your body a cold chock, which will then burn as much as 250 calories per hour while trying to stay warm. In order to actually burn calories, you need to fully freeze the cold packs (which will take about eight hours).

Although using the Cold Shoulder is pretty easy and straightforward, it does take a lot of time getting used to it (if one can get used to being cold at all). Prepare for being really chilly and tired after spending a couple of hours in the vest, which is, according to some doctors, not the best combination. On the other hand, some specialists claim that nothing bad can come of this futuristic calorie-burning vest.

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