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Fun Under The Gym’s Sun: Awesome Workouts For Treadmills Part 2

February 2, 2016


The treadmill is an amazing device that’s absolutely perfect for your average cardio exercises, however, it does have one huge flaw – it’s absolutely boring. Yet, it doesn’t have to be! With these few helpful exciting new workouts, you can spice up any average treadmill routine and make it more fun and enjoyable. Living a healthy life doesn’t have to be boring.

The Side Shuffle

There’s nothing like a few jumps to get your blood pumping and your fun levels through the roof!

While maintaining a slow walking pace, face the right side of the treadmill with both of your feet on the belt.

As you’re walking sideways, gradually increase the speed to just above your average walking pace and step to the right with your left foot.

Switch feet with a quick hop (with your right foot, then step to the left with your left foot). Aim to find a steady shuffle pace, and continue performing the motion for 30 seconds. Switch directions, and repeat.

The Jump Squat

Set the belt speed to half of your average walking pace, bring both feet together at the front of the treadmill and immediately lower into a squat position. Make sure that your knees are safely behind your toes. Let the belt carry you to the back of the treadmill before you drive through your legs to jump forward, returning to the front of it in your starting squat position. Repeat 10-15 repetitions (jumps).

The Walking Plank

Decrease the speed to 0.5 mile per second, and step off the treadmill completely. Move to the back of the device and assume a plank position (with your feet on the floor, hands on the stationary sides of the treadmill, and your hips aligned with your shoulders). Place your hands on the moving belt, with your right hand beneath your shoulder and the left extended in front of you. Walk the hands along the belt as it moves. Do 15 reps on each side.

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