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Finding Motivation For Sticking With A Workout

December 8, 2014


Finding motivation to exercise on a regular basis can sometimes be a tall order, especially for those women who are not particularly fond of physical activity. Lying on the couch after a long day at the office seems like the easiest choice, but the benefits of regular workouts far outweigh the benefits of watching TV and lounging around.

Unfortunately. The upside is that with a few tips and tricks you can get the best of your laziness or lack of time and actually enjoy exercising.

Tips To Nurture Your Motivation

With a plethora of available physical activities, there is something out there for everyone.

From yoga, pilates and group aerobics classes to running, working out at the gym or even poll dancing, finding the type of workout that suits your character, physical abilities and schedule is crucial for sticking to it.

If you opt to work with an instructor, make sure the instructor is someone you can relate to outside the gym or the aerobics class.

This way, it will be easier to pack your gym bag and go when there is a social aspect to exercising as well. Speaking of the social aspect, pick a gym or a yoga class that is frequented by individuals who make you feel good about yourself, and stay away from places filled with negative energy and too much testosterone.

Also, choose a convenient location that doesn‘t require a long commute, complicated parking or too much traffic. Make it easy for yourself to get to your glass or gym, removing as many obstacles on the way as you can.

Tips To Block The Motivational Vampires

One of the sure ways to lose motivation quickly is to participate in a physical activity that is too difficult. If getting pumped at the gym or even at a group pumping class for ladies puts a strain on your joints, tendons or self-esteem, stop trying to make yourself go there. No good can come of exercising if the routine is not suited for your body type or goal. Also, stay away traps such as joining a gym or class your friend goes to for several reasons.

First, what works for your friend doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you, and second, when your friend quits you are more likely to quit as well. Furthermore, if working out is something you don’t particularly enjoy but know you have to do it, make the entire experience more positive by turning it into something you enjoy doing.

For instance, if you are a girly girl, pick a yoga class that doesn’t require a lot of sweating, lets you freely wear makeup and cute outfits, and is located on your favorite shopping strip where you can go shopping later.

It is difficult to force ourselves to do something we don’t like even when we know we can benefit from it. However, by following these simple tips, you are on your way to becoming a workout addict!

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