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Female Body Sculpting 101: Tips For Burning Fat Like An Athlete Part 2

November 3, 2015


We all know that there’s more to a great figure than just losing weight – there’s always something more to do to make your body naturally perfect!

In order to have a truly athletic body you have to burn the last stubborn amounts of fat on it. Coincidentally, this is also the hardest part of the fitness paths.

Everyone can lose weight but it takes true dedication to have a figure of a professional athlete.

We’ve assembled the best fat burning tips around the globe to help you out on your journey to the perfect athletic frame.

Multi-Joint Exercises

These exercises will work your main muscle group, and in the same time build more muscle mass while burning more fat. Squats and lunges of all types, bench presses, rows, deadlifts, and step ups are perfect workouts for incredible fat burning.

Muscular Balance

Improving your muscular balance will help you build more balance all over your body. The path to balance doesn’t end with not skipping leg day. Your quadriceps shouldn’t be a lot stronger than you hamstrings, and the front of your upper body should have more muscle than your back. Balance is key.

Flexibility And Postural Problems

While you’re still in the early stages of your training, you should correct your postural problems and start working on your flexibility. This way you will be able to avoid injuries when you get to more intense training, and thus you could burn more fat.

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