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Fat-Burning Plant Foods That Will Keep The Weight Off

September 3, 2016


We all know by know that it takes more than rigorous physical activity to lose weight, especially a significant amount of it.

Luckily for everyone who’s looking to get that perfect bikini body for this year’s summer season, nature is all always here to help us out.

When speaking of weight loss, it’s no surprise that vegetarians have the upper hand due to all of the fiber they consume.

Fiber keeps the digestive track healthy and working like clockwork, and it controls the appetite, all while adding very few calories.

Although all veggies and fruits are healthy as healthy gets and amazing at shedding weight, some are better than others at fat-burning and keeping that weight off.


Avocado is packed with fat; in fact, it’s averagely packed with 21 grams of it. However, that fat is not your enemy. This amazing fruit is the only fruit known to man that contains monounsaturated fat, also known as “good fat” – the kind that lowers cholesterol levels. So instead of avoiding this god-given plant, include it into your diet to wisely use its 80% fiber content.

Black Beans

Everyone’s raving about numerous benefits that beans offer to the human body, and for good reasons. Packed with fiber and low in calories, black beans are the best among the bean kind when it comes to burning fat. Dark-colored beans have higher amounts of phenolic compounds, which play an important role in weight management and can interfere with glucose absorption.


There’s no person on the planet that would hate broccoli as much as they do know if they only knew just how much useful this veggie is for burning fat! Broccoli is absolutely loaded with fiber – in fact, half a cup of this amazing veggies offers as much as four grams of it.


Incredibly low in carbs and high in fiber, almonds are your best partner in burning that nasty fat, especially around the stomach area. Also, they will decrease your food cravings and maximize digestive flow, which can only serve you on your path towards your ideal weight.


All leafy veggies are known for being high in fiber while also being low in calories, but spinach definitely takes the cake in this case. Just one cup of raw spinach has as much as four grams of fiber, and only eight calories per serving. It will also cut down any food cravings you have due to its natural and slow decomposition in your body.

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