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Exercises For A Flat Belly

October 18, 2014


If you think you’re the only one with extra belly fat, you are wrong. Everyone has it – even people with flat abs – and that’s normal. If you want to burn belly fat, there is no better way to go about this than by simple, hard work in the form of good, old-fashioned exercise.

Belly fat is a more colloquial name for what is really abdominal obesity, or in a more clinical sense, central obesity. When your body accumulates a certain amount of belly fat, the resulting effect is seen in a swelling waist size, and consequently, the need to buy larger-size pants.

In that regard, here are some exercises targeted to burn off your belly fat.

Cardio And Abdominal Exercises

Walking, swimming and jogging are great ways to burn belly fat. If the sheer simplicity of mere walking surprises you, it shouldn’t.

To burn belly fat, you first have to start with that annoying layer of fat that is surrounding your stomach in the first place.

If you skip ahead to more specialized exercises right away, like crunches, you will be developing your abdominal muscles, but they will remain buried under all your belly fat.

So to get started properly, all you really have to do is to get your body moving by way of very simple exercises like walking, swimming or just jogging.

After first beginning your belly fat-burning mission with exercises like walking, jogging and swimming, you now have a shot at really exercising your abdominal muscles and developing them.

Abdominal exercises like crunches – which involve you lying on the ground and bringing your knees up in alternating motions to touch your upper body – are great for working off that belly fat.

Interval Workout


An interval workout is defined as a workout where you do a high-intensity exercise for a certain period of time and then follow that up with a lower-intensity exercise.

The thinking behind this is that you first work up your body at a good pace, and then you let your body recover

A good example of such a workout is to first jog for five minutes to warm up. Then, sprint for two minutes after that.

Next, slow down to where you are running at a jogging pace and then go back up to a full sprint for two more minutes.

Finally, end things by going back to jogging for the final five minutes.

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