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Defy Gravity: Do Yoga Like Britney Spears

August 18, 2015


Celebrities are generally notorious for their excruciating workouts and even more amazing results and although we don’t recommend taking tips from celebrities on every aspect of one’s life, using celebrity tricks and results for motivation can certainly prove to be beneficial.

Take Britney Spears, for instance. A short period of struggling with baby weight aside, Britney Spears has looked phenomenal for almost 20 years that she’s been on stage. How does she do it? Yoga!

The 33-year-old mother of two has been practicing yoga for years and documenting her progress online.

Her shape speaks volumes on the effects of this ancient practice and one of the key things is her consistency.

Ms. Spears does yoga regularly regardless of where she is or what she’s up to, on tour, at home, at a hotel in Las Vegas…

Staying committed to the practice of yoga on vacation, while being super busy at work or when otherwise time is a precious commodity will produce amazing results that will give your body and your mind peace.

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