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Cutting 500 Calories Per Day: A Myth Or A Possibility? Part 1

February 8, 2016


Luckily for all of you who want to cut calories in order to shed some weight in a healthy way at a normal rate, this is not an urban lifestyle myth – rather, it’s a fact. By simply trimming 500 calories each day, you can lose a whole pound each week! Or, if you want to speed things up a bit, you can do a couple of food-swaps per day and lose two pounds each week, with the help of these few tricks and tips.

Be Fidgeted

Have you ever noticed that restless people tend to be skinnier? That’s because every time they tap their hands, feet, or walk around while talking on the phone, they lose a bunch of calories without even noticing it!

Avoid TV Snacks

Sure, it’s more enjoyable in some ways, but eating in front of the TV instead of at a table will only stack your body with fat.

Many studies have found that an average human being will consume as much as 300 calories more while eating in front of a TV than they would while eating at a table.

After your traditional meal at the dinner table, trade 1 hour of TV-watching for a walk around the neighborhood.

Don’t Eat Nuts

Sure, nuts have a lot of healthy nutrients that are especially good for your heart, but they are also jam-packed with calories. If you are nuts for nuts, we advice you to distance yourself when you want to lose weight.

Small Plates

Smaller the plate – smaller the waistline. By simply trading your standard plate for a smaller one, you can save up to 500 calories per day, while not feeling like you’re being starved at the gulag.

No Whips Or Toppings

And yes, that includes salad toppings as well. Desserts, coffees, and evening salads should be consumed with a lot of responsibility, as they are all packed with calories. Sure, your salad might be healthy, light, and fresh, but the topping will only set you back from your goal.

Dessert coffees and cakes, on the other hand, are pretty straightforward about the number of calories that come along with their delicious taste, but the whip is the main villain in that story.

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