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Core Strength – The Importance Of Strong Lower Back

July 13, 2015


String core is not just visible and hot six-pack. In order to develop a solid foundation for a stronger body, one needs to pay attention to the other side of the “core medal”, and that is powerful lower back as well.

What is Core?

Building muscular core doesn’t mean focusing only on the abdominal muscles, it very much includes the lower back, so it is crucial to acknowledge that the word “core” actually comprises of the muscles on our rear side too.

A balanced and athletic mid-section consists of properly functioning rectus abdominus, obliques, TVA, the Quadratus lumborum, erector spinae, while lower lats are also part of the package.

Also, properly functioning core has to be a part of the whole system, and it won’t function properly if it is isolated.

The Abs and the Spine

Just like a strong lower back, the abs have a huge impact on the spine. Bear in mind that almost all the aforementioned muscle groups have insertions on the pelvis, which basically means that they will have a direct effect on the pelvic and spinal movements when they shorten.

When abs contact, they tilt the pelvis and tuck your lower back under. When you are lying flat on your back and start flexing your abs, the arch in your back (the space between the floor and your lower back) disappears. This is why the lower spine needs to play along and go into flexion as well.

The lower back, the abs and the proper functioning spine – they are all equally important for building the strong and powerful core. One cannot go without the other.

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