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The Ideology Behind Weight Lifting: Smart And Strong Part 1

If you like to know more about your favorite workout technique and you find that there’s place for a smart brain in a strong body, check out these facts about strength training that you may have not known.

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Foot Fitness: The Best Foot Exercises

Although it may seem pretty unnecessary to you (probably because you think that walking is enough), foot fitness is really important.

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Abs From Hell – 10 Minute Intense Abs Workout Circuit

This intense exercise is performed as a circuit with no structured rest in between exercises, but your abs will bring all the girls to the yard once you’re done. Trust us. During this workout, you will be working from the ...

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Lower Abs From Hell In Just 10 Minutes

Muscle & Strength magazine has a killer workout for losing that annoying fat in lower abs area. We all know the upper stomach and abdominals are not that tricky, but the lower abs can be a pain in the neck ...

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