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Apple To Release A New App For Tracking Health

At WWDC 2014, Apple announced its foray into the fitness tracking space on Monday with a new Health app and a service called HealthKit coming to iOS 8. The health app will initially pull data from third-party fitness and health-monitoring ...

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Squats Vs Leg Presses – Which Is Better?

man gym thinking

A number of personal trainers, strength coaches and gym rats advocate the leg press over the squat for perfectly healthy athletes because of the risk-to-benefit ratio and increased performance. But is the leg press really safer than the squat? Which ...

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10 Simple Ways To Make Any Exercise Harder

harder workout

Exercise isn’t meant to be easy. Lying on the couch eating chips is easy, and that’s probably why you need to exercise. There needs to be sweat, aching muscles and a burn the morning after. You’re putting your body through ...

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Looking Strong Vs Being Strong, a.k.a. Mass Building Vs Strength Building

You may have seen a guy in a bodybuilding competition with huge bulging muscles and naturally assumed that he was extremely strong. As a child, you may have watched that old school cartoon “Popeye the Sailor Man” and assumed that ...

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Mountain Climber Exercise – Building Lower Body Strength

It goes without saying that mountain climbing is a physically taxing activity, one of the most strenuous, really, that humans engage in. Hauling your body up thousands of vertical feet is hard enough in principle, but throw in immensely rugged ...

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How To Maximize Your Strength Training Time

You know how important it is to work strength training into your fitness regimen, but with such a busy lifestyle, you often find yourself putting it on the back burner. Of course, knowing that as we age we need to ...

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12 Reasons You’re Hungry After Your Strength Training


People who weight train often encounter the same basic problem: serious hunger after a workout! If you need to figure out why you’re ravenous after your strength training, your answers are here. 1. Your body needs more energy to fix ...

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