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25 Nutrition Facts You Need to Know Before Choosing a Diet

If you want to lose weight and improve your health, the first step is to increase your knowledge of nutrition. Here are 25 important food facts that will help you choose the diet that’s right for you: 1. There is ...

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Ready for the Mindblowing Truth about These 15 Processed Foods?


It’s no secret that processed foods aren’t the healthiest options available. Unfortunately, busy lifestyles and limited access to fresh, whole foods lead many consumers to rely heavily on processed foods. Before you reach for a processed item on your grocery ...

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10 Awesome Calorie-Burning Exercises

When you are trying to lose weight, exercise becomes all about burning calories. The more calories you can burn during a workout, the more body fat you will lose. Calories come from the food we eat, and they are the ...

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5 Common Myths about Dieting

Dieting is perhaps one of the most misunderstood subjects of all time, hence the reason why many people end up failing to maintain a healthy diet for more than a few weeks.There is a great deal of misinformation on the ...

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5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Even Trying

According to a 2009 Gallup Poll, 55 percent of Americans would like to lose weight, but only 27 percent reported that they were actively trying to lose weight. If you belong to the majority of Americans who want to lose ...

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6 Essential Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss

There’s always something you can do to improve your life and achieve your fitness goals. Here are some quick and easy changes you can make in your life today. They’ll improve your physical fitness and maybe even help you lose ...

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