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Introduction To Strength Training For Women

When you read almost any website geared toward women’s fitness, it is so full of cardio exercises. Running, aerobics, elliptical trainers and dancing are all great forms of exercises. But, they all just work your legs and maybe your gluteal ...

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Get A Bootylicious Butt In A Month With These 13 Easy Exercises


A pretty face and great cleavage are not enough. To be considered truly beautiful, a woman needs to look as good from the back as the front. Whether you plan to wear a bikini or a ball gown, and whether ...

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Awesome 10 Fitness Programs For Busy Women With No Spare Time

Want to get in shape but need a program you can squeeze into a hectic schedule? These are the best do-it-in-a-pinch programs for women on the market. 1. Tabata A Tabata program is just four minutes long, not including your ...

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7 Reasons Why Women Should Weight Train

Weight training is a type of strength training and conditioning regime that allows for the development of strength in various areas of the body and in the size of skeletal muscles. Weight training works by using dumbbells, weight stacks, weighted ...

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6 Ways To Get Your Workout In The Garden

Gardening can be fun, stimulating, and good for your health. Undertaking a regular stint in the garden will help your physical and mental well-being. Using gardening as a form of physical activity means that you can immediately see the effect ...

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10 Do’s And Don’ts For Lady Weightlifters

For many years, bodybuilding was considered a man’s sport. Women were supposed to be round and soft. Muscle definition was considered a barrier to femininity. All of that has changed in recent years. Women’s weightlifting became an Olympic sport in ...

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Women’s Health And Fitness: 5 Fitness Myths Debunked

So many myths abound in the world of physical fitness that it can sometimes be hard to figure out which ones are true and which ones you shouldn’t believe. Because of the confusion, many people end up wasting their time, ...

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