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Body Sculpting

Busting The Ab Myths

Before you engage in any ab-building exercises, make sure to not fall victim to one of the popular ab myths.

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Keeping The Focus On Your Annual Fitness Goals

As we’re used to by now, the holiday season is a time when you can allow yourself a heavy meal and being lazy for a couple of days. But when it passes, it’s time for a New Year’s resolution that’s going to get you back in shape.

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Top 10 Actors With Killer Bodies

Let’s take a closer look at our top 10 Hollywood actors who can make even the most famous bodybuilders feel ashamed about their bodies.

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How Not To Build Your Triceps

People tend to make many mistakes while trying to increase the strength and size of this stubborn arm muscle. In that name, here are a couple of tri-errors you might want to avoid.

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Unusual Tips And Tricks For Killer Abs

Abs are one of the most difficult areas on the body to properly maintain, and yet they are one of the most important as they hold our spine and are responsible for a healthy posture.

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