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3 Quads Exercises To Bulk Up Without Weights

For all those who have learned how important leg day is, here we have 3 useful exercises that will help you strengthen your quads without using any weights.

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7 Easy Body Sculpting Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

All our trainers at Workout Plan have joined forces and came up with 7 surefire yet simple body sculpting tips to help you get that coveted toned and trim physique we all dream about.

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Trim Your Figure In No Time With These 3 Simple Exercises

We all like to look good, but not that many of us like to work hard for it. Whether it is your motivation that is lacking, or you don’t have time to go to the gym regularly, or you are ...

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See Katy Perry Nail Her Coachella Workout On Instagram

Although many A-list celebrities tend to keep their workout routines under wraps, some like to share their exercise plans with their loyal fans. Katy Perry, luckily, is the latter. Since the singer is definitely one of the best looking and ...

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5 Reasons Why Weightlifting Is Better For You Than Crossfit

We all know that building muscles isn’t exactly child’s play. Achieving your goal, no matter how small or big it might be, requires a lot of effort and time. For that, and many other reasons, experts and gym-dwellers have come ...

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