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Busting The Ab Myths

January 18, 2016


Building the abdominal muscles is the ultimate goal of anyone who ever visited a gym. Not only does a sculpted six-pack look awesome, but developing one also means you’re getting rid of belly fat. Before you engage in any ab-building exercises, make sure to not fall victim to one of the popular ab myths.

Common Sense And Logic

We don’t know who came up with all this stuff, but we can tell they surely had a lot of imagination and free time when they did.

For example, many people believe that doing a bunch of crunches in order to build your abs is enough to nullify the consequences of poor diet choices.

While exercising is one of the basic steps you can take towards a healthier life, it’s never enough to cleanse all the garbage that we eat today.

Another food-related ab myth tells us that carbs are ab-killers. First off, carbohydrates are one of the most important nutrients our body gets energy from, and secondly, fast-digesting carbs are an essential part of post-workout recovery.

Finally, there’s the case of people swearing only crunches and sit-ups are efficient ab exercises. Sure, these will work just fine, but there are so many different moves out there that will let you build your abdominal muscles with equal or more efficiency.

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