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Building That Core Strength – Brutal Exercises (Part 2)

February 14, 2015

No matter if you are an experienced athlete or an average Joe of bodybuilding, poor core strength is always the issue. The general problem with modern “core training” lies in the fundamental misunderstanding of what it really takes to achieve a strong core.

Accessory lifts are excellent for toning and defining the quads, but we must look at the big picture when planning how you would build a functional, powerful lower body.

Another major problem with most “core” or “ab” programs is the very number of repetitions.

One needs to make sure their exercise is really building their strength, and not just a simple daily routine exercise.

If you want to build a strong core, you will need to do compound power movements. Here we have the last 2 exercises for reaching the desired core strength.

Medicine Ball Rollouts


Start doing the rollouts from your knees, but make sure you keep your back hunched and abs tight as you roll the ball out and back again.

The great thing about these rollouts is that, in addition to the abs and hip flexors, they also do an excellent job strengthening the lats, serratus, and triceps.

“Spiderman” Extensions


Bear in mind, this is one of the hardest exercises out there, so you better be prepared (if you don’t have very strong lower back or abs, this one isn’t for you just yet).

Start with a set of Rings (you can also use TRX straps) which are hanging a few feet from the wall, and walk your feet up until your body is tilted down and settle into a push-up position.

Then, do a deep push-up and gradually extend your arms out until they are in line with your body. Make sure you are stable the entire time.

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