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Best Workouts While Pregnant

December 12, 2014


For those women who enjoy working out, pregnancy should not be the time to stop. Similarly, working out during pregnancy is beneficial on many levels, so even those of us who are not too fond of exercising should consider some form of physical activity to maintain a healthy body for the baby to grow in. Here is a list of the best workouts during pregnancy.


The first thing to remember is that working out during pregnancy is a lot easier if you have a routine from before that you know very well.

For instance, if you practice yoga and enjoy every class, it will be easy to switch to a class for pregnant ladies than start from scratch 5 months into the pregnancy.

Yoga during pregnancy is a milder version of regular yoga that contains absolutely no headstands, bridges, difficult spinal twists or any poses requiring you to lay on your stomach. Easy stretches and simple poses are more than enough to keep you fit.


Women who enjoy running and like to go for a jog in the park should not give that up for nine months because they are pregnant.

On the contrary, running during pregnancy is known to benefit the baby by directly improving or maintaining mom’s health. Make sure you tune in to your body and let it dictate how much and how often you’ll run.

Sprinting or racing is not recommended during pregnancy and consider changing your running shoes towards the third trimester or even earlier.

Workouts That Stimulate Baby’s Brain Activity

You have to love science for telling you which exercises to do on a regular basis to make your baby smarter. A study that looked at how swimming, running and biking affect baby’s brain activity shows that moms-to-be who engaged in those exercises had babies whose brain activity was equal to that of a 4-months old baby only 12 days after birth.

For all those considering getting pregnant, starting swimming, running or biking now would make it a lot easier to keep going during pregnancy.

Working out has numerous health benefits and nobody should give those up while pregnant. Consulting with your doctor about a routine is always a good idea. Also, listening to your body and doing as it tells you is crucial to staying safe and healthy.

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