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Benefits Of An Early Morning Workout

December 7, 2015


Working out in the evening is perfect for those who wish to finish everything on their to-do list before they hit the gym, but did you know that working out early in the morning has numerous hormonal benefits?

When we say ‘early in the morning’ we don’t necessarily mean 5 a.m. We mean within half an hour to an hour from the moment you wake up.

Exercising right after getting out of bed releases endorphins, which are natural stress fighters, resulting in a better mood throughout the day.

In addition to arming you with hormones to deal with stress, an early morning workout will also boost your metabolism, especially if coupled with a healthy breakfast.

You’ll be burning fat all day long and you don’t even have to exercise for more than 30 minutes.

If a workout is your first activity of the day go easy on your body by walking for 20 minutes and doing mild exercises for another 30 minutes. As your body gets adjusted to your new morning routine gradually increase the length and intensity of your practice.

Doing sit-ups, crunches and push-ups is more than enough for a comprehensive morning workout routine. If you are trying to increase muscle tone, make sure you eat breakfast beforehand. If you’re trying to burn off excess fat have breakfast after you’re done exercising.

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