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Top 3 Most Underrated Exercises You’re Probably Skipping

With so many new pieces of gym equipment introduced almost on a daily basis, we sometimes forget about those good old fashioned moves that used to do wonders for our figure and strength. Sometimes the very best exercise for you ...

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See Khloé Kardashian’s Favorite Workout Routine

If you are looking to up your heart rate, burn fat and lose weight quickly yet effectively, by all means do read on! Getting your figure close to perfect just like the self-professed fitness fanatic Khloé Kardashian did is hard, ...

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7 Easy Diet Tips To Perfect Your Nutrition And Lose Weight Healthy

People often misinterpret the term “diet” and immediately associate it with all those drastic measures you need to take in order to lose weight. Of course, some diets are designed to help people do just that, but the main purpose ...

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See Katy Perry Nail Her Coachella Workout On Instagram

Although many A-list celebrities tend to keep their workout routines under wraps, some like to share their exercise plans with their loyal fans. Katy Perry, luckily, is the latter. Since the singer is definitely one of the best looking and ...

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5 Reasons Why Weightlifting Is Better For You Than Crossfit

We all know that building muscles isn’t exactly child’s play. Achieving your goal, no matter how small or big it might be, requires a lot of effort and time. For that, and many other reasons, experts and gym-dwellers have come ...

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You Should Quit Adding Too Much Weight During These 3 Exercises

We all know that training with high loads can do wonders for those who want bulk up and gain strength quickly, but you also want to prevent your body from getting injured. This is where figuring out the right amount ...

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