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Adjusting Our Workout To The Weather

December 17, 2014


Adjusting our workout to the weather is an important, but often neglected element of our exercise routine. A trip to the gym or the pool puts a different strain on the body when it’s 85 degrees below zero than when it’s 85 degrees above zero. This article discusses different variations of a workout we can engage in during different seasons.

Summer Workout

When the weather is pleasant, any workout that we typically enjoy is safe and beneficial to our health, but when the weather gets a little extreme, we need to make sure we don’t overwork our bodies.

For instance, if it’s 85 degrees or higher, we should stay away from any form of heavy exercise, such as cardio or muscle building.

Opting for easy and simple exercises, such as yoga or stretching, or reducing the intensity and the number of repetitions in our regular workout is a good idea. Our bodies will thank us for not putting them into overdrive.

Winter Workout

For some people, having to switch from exercising outdoors to working out indoors can put a damper on their routine. If the cold air doesn’t hurt our lungs while exercising outside, we can keep going, but keep in mind the lungs expend during physical activity and the cold air can potentially damage them.

When the temperature is below 32 degrees, avoid running outside and opt for running on a treadmill. Unless it gets extremely cold, sticking to the regular indoor workout routine shouldn’t cause any problems.

Adjusting our workout routine to the weather is a simple process, but the one that shouldn’t be forgotten. Waiting for our bodies to remind us probably means it’s a little late so we need to remember to make a few changes beforehand.

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