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A Golfer’s Strategic Workout

July 30, 2014


People tend to think that golfers don’t really need to exercise that much, that golf is more a game of the mind then a game requiring physical use.

However, just the opposite is true, as many golfers will tell you that their bodies need to be compact, strategic muscle machines to not only drive the ball as far down the course as possible, but also to get the ball to get where they want it to go.

In the case of a golfer, putting on too much bulk can have a negative effect on the game, as all that muscle mass jockeying for position tends to great obtuse movements which are anathema to a golfer.

Instead, what a golfer needs is a compact, full-body exercise that not only keeps the muscles strong, but keeps the bones hard, too.

Typically, any sort of exercise that involves lifting a controlled weight above your chest, shoulders and head create muscle contractions throughout your body that serve to strengthen it as a whole.

Also, in cases such as these, it is better to go for an exercise that involves multiple muscle groups that mimic natural movement over those involving muscle-isolation.


Finally, it is important to know that as a golfer, fatigue is the real killer. Whether it is a perfect day on the range, or blistering hot like a Texas summer, being out on a course for 18 holes will wear on your body.

For that reason, it is important to keep the intensity down during your workouts.

For a bodybuilder, an exercise that leaves his arms feeling like noodles is a good thing. For a golfer, it is a problem that will linger for days after the muscles feel healed in the form of random muscle twitches and deep-muscle recovery.

These will interfere with your swing, and nobody likes to have an off day, especially on a par 3.

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