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15 Most Useless Workouts Ever


When putting together a workout routine for yourself, it is always important to do so with your own personal goals in mind.

While all exercise will help you get into better shape and lead a healthy lifestyle, the things you’re trying to accomplish need to affect which exercises you choose to do on a regular basis.

However, there are certain times in every fitness fan’s life where they choose an exercise to accomplish a goal and see less than adequate results – if they see results at all.

There are certain techniques that may seem worthwhile, but in reality you’d be better off picking one of many viable alternatives.

There are a number of shockingly popular exercises that aren’t just “slow” with regards to the results they produce – they’re all but worthless in even the best situations.

1. The Triceps “Bench” Dip

The triceps “bench” dip requires you to sit on one of two benches that have been placed in positions parallel to one another.

With your arms on the bench behind you and your feet on the bench in front, you raise and lower yourself in a series of repetitions.

One of the “benefits” of this exercise is that it allows you to adjust the bench heights to allow for a fuller range of motion. In reality, no height adjustment will make this exercise any less worthless than it already is. The issue is that you’re using a great deal of force to accomplish very little.

There are better techniques for your arms, back and core that don’t require the amount of strain triceps “bench” dips are known to force on unsuspecting fitness buffs.

Instead of using the triceps “bench” dip, try doing regular dips as an alternative. Most people only choose to go with triceps “bench” dips in the first place out of a lack of equipment, lack of necessary strength or both.

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You can accomplish much the same thing with two chairs in a similar position. You can also use other techniques like variants of pushups to focus on your arms and core the way that triceps “bench” dips are supposed to in the first place. As with many of the exercises on the list, these dips require a lot of effort for practically no results. The only thing you’re doing is wasting your time.

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  1. Thank you for your great information. I have yet to see a review of my typical workout. What is your opinion of the treadmill?

  2. regular sit-ups are a cornerstone of military fitness training because the military requires us to do them for the fitness test… not because they’re actually effective… we don’t even have to do 50…

  3. Planks have helped me work on my core without any back pain. i used to do crunches until my sciatica flared up, now I stick to leg raises. I have a nice six pack without any lower back pain.

  4. Suspension exercises beat all the alternatives for a total body workout.

  5. Nonsense. Traditional sit-ups hurt your back and don’t work out your muscles.

  6. Props for nixing squatting all the way down to thighs parallel to the floor. The pain from that last inch is too much to be worth it.

    Props retracted for suggesting lunges instead.

  7. How much weight can you squat right now? Ok, now lets see if you are squatting that much when your 40 years old. I bet you wont, your back and knees will be too torn up by then (not to mention your neck potentially). The leg press is just as effective as the squat and A LOT better for your joints. The squat is touted as such a “natural movement”. I dont know about you but I dont do anything like handle hundreds of pounds on my upper back and squat all the way down in any “natural movement” or sport.

  8. the Canadian researchers found that regular squats activated the quadriceps 50 percent more than the Smith machine not 50 times more. Nothing was said about how well the gluteas muscles were engaged. i would assume that if the smith machine allows you to go lower than it would activate your glutes more. in both exercises if you push off your toes instead of your heels you will endanger yuour knees

    dead lifts done properly are the best overall exercise you can do for your body. Planks are one of the best stomach exercises because the purpose of the stomach muscles is to stabilize the spine

  9. I would agree with most of this information, but disagree that upright rows are not good or are harmful. I’d say that if people get into some swinging motion, it could be possibly bad, but done as a good contraction is still a very useful exercise, especially for the trapezius muscles.