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8 Minute Squats & Push-Ups By Izumi Tabata

July 8, 2015


Looking for a simple cardio to burn fat in just 8 minutes on a daily basis? Your search might just be over with this high intensity exercise by Dr. Izumi Tabata that combines push-ups and squats.

Birth of the Exercise

Tabata came up with this type of workout while conducting a research at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. Tabata examined two groups which had to perform exercises consisting of two different protocols.

First group had a moderate intensity level workout routine – 5 days per week, 6 weeks, 1 hour each workout session, whereas group two trained at a very high intensity level for 4 days a week for 6 weeks, but their sessions lasted only 4 minutes each. This second routine later became known as the Tabata Method.

The Tabata Method means doing 20 seconds of high intensity exercises with a 10 second rest between sets. 8 rounds of these high intensity and rest rotations made up the 4 minutes of training.

After completing this 6 week study, Tabata found that the first group did experience cardiovascular improvements, but they did not show any muscular changes.

The second group, on the other hand, showed a higher increase in cardiovascular capacity, while also experienced increases of the anaerobic systems (muscular system).

The Routine

Alternate between 20 seconds of squats with a moderate weight and 10 seconds of rest. Try and do whole 8 rounds adhering to this strict schedule for 4 minutes. Once the 8 rounds are complete, rest for 2 minutes and apply the same routine with pushups.

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