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5 Strength-Building Tips That Will Make You Hit The Gym NOW

June 27, 2017

Strength-Building Tips

Most professional fitness trainers say that strength is the foundation of any form of fitness or athleticism. One should know that strength is much more than just muscle size, capacity, and being ripped.

When you get stronger naturally, you become better at losing weight and building muscle mass. Bulk is nothing without true, genuine strength.

That’s exactly why we decided to give you these 5 useful strengthening tips that will make you want to hit the gym right now.

1. The “Big Four” Is Called BIG For A Reason

In case you don’t know about the “Big Four,” it includes:

These are simply the best and most effective strength-building exercises, so you mustn’t overlook them.

“The chinup and row are great moves too, but don’t make them the focus of your workout,” say folks over at Mensfitness.com. “They can be assistance lifts to complement the bench and shoulder press, keeping your pulling muscles in balance with the pressing ones.”

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2. Barbells Over Dumbbells

Most fitness trainers say that we should simply forget all the fad equipment and that “the barbell is king.” The dumbbell and everything else may have its place in your workout plan, but it’s not essential.

3. Keep An Exercise Log

This one may sound like it is only for geeks, but you’ll be amazed how helpful writing down your exercising plan can be.

Start writing down:

  • exercises,
  • sets,
  • reps…

and keep track of your best lifts and reps you’ve done with a certain weight on an exercise. Then work towards improving those numbers.

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4. Load Increase

“The only way to be sure you’re getting stronger is if your loads consistently increase,” says Mensfitness.com.

5. The “Five” Rotation

You should find the optimal rotation in your rep ranges in your workouts, but somehow the sets of five seem to offer the best blend of muscle size and strength gains.

Of course, if you find this too easy, do go bigger!

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