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3 Simple Tweaks To Perfect Your Benching

March 8, 2017

If you are a fan of bench pressing and you are looking to increase your numbers and set some new personal records, you need to perfect your benching technique and routine.

So, before you just go for the power session the next time you hit the gym, make sure you check out these 3 simple benching technique tweaks that will do wonders for your chest.

1. Not Feeling Your Chest Working? Go For Dumbbell

Far too often folks have a cueing or positioning issue when benching.

We tend to forget that compound movements can actually be loaded more effectively in regard to your body being in an optimal position without crushing your sternum with huge loads.

This is when the ever-so-crucial MMC (mind muscle connection) gets overlooked and forgotten about. And we don’t want that.

As folks over at Muscle & Strength suggest: “Sometimes it can be more beneficial to resort to dumbbell work, as this can be easier on the shoulders. Never the less, some folks still struggle with positioning during the movement, which can hamper their ability to fully stretch the pecs.”

So, the answer might indeed be hiding in the dumbbell.

2. Smart Use Of Energy

Another mistake we often make is squirming under heavy weight. Not only is this rather awkward and sometimes even embarrassing, using too much weight can be quite dangerous too.

According to Muscle & Strength, one can approach the setup from multiple angles – “kicking the dumbbells up off your knees, starting with the arms locked out and laying back, or just having blatant disregard for everyone’s safety around you (including your own) and relying upon your spotter to get the weight up once you lie back.”

The main idea is to use your energy smarter, not work harder. Just let physics do its magic and you’ll end up with a more effective setup.

3. Don’t Forget About The PULLS

We must also try and find the balance in each and every exercise. Benching is an awesomely useful workout, but it can indeed take a toll on your shoulder girdle, especially if you’re not careful. Pushing exercises and moves are fun and effective, but you need to find a Yang to your Yin as well.

This is where pull exercises come in.

“You can hammer away at your T-spine all day with a foam roller to generate more extension, but unless you layer strength upon that newfound range of motion, you’ll just end up spinning your wheels,” say over at Muscle & Strength magazine.

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