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3 Quads Exercises To Bulk Up Without Weights

September 25, 2017


For all those who have learned by now just how important leg day really is, here we have 3 useful exercises that will help you strengthen your quads without using any weights.

Let’s get crackin’!

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1. Single-Leg Squat

Start from a standing position, feet hip-width apart, parallel to each other.

Pull in your abdominals and extend the arms in front of you. Shift your weight to the right foot as you lift the left foot in a flexed position, 45-degree angle to the floor.

Start bending the right leg into a squat, while keeping the left leg and both arms extended.

Return to the starting position and keep repeating the movement until your thigh and glutes start to burn, then change the leg.

2. Alternating Forward Lunge

Standing in a parallel position, hip-width apart, place your hands on your hips. Step with your right foot into a forward lunge, landing with your heel first. Both knees are bent while you lower your hips down to create a 90-degree angle to the floor. Push back to return to the starting position.

Continue repeating this movement while alternating legs.

3. Mountain Climbers

Place your hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder-width and extend your legs backward forming a pushup position. Pull your navel up to engage the abdominals and keep your back in neutral alignment. Draw in your right knee towards the chest without taking your hips up. Place your toes on the floor in the angle your flexibility allows you. Jump back while switching the left leg forward.

Keep alternating legs.

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