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3 Foods That Will Ruin Your Training: Don’t Consume These Pre-Workout

June 30, 2017


Whether you are trying to lose weight, strengthen your body, or simply boost your muscle mass, one thing is always certain: you must eat smart before your workout session in order to fuel up your body so it can make progress.

Now, what you choose to eat pre-workout can be crucial when it comes to making your training more efficient, but it can also ruin your workout session should you choose to eat foods that are bad for providing energy.

In that name, here are 3 things you shouldn’t be eating before you hit the gym.

Low-Carb Protein Bars

It is widely known that carbohydrates are preferred energy source when it comes to the energy our bodies need to perform. The equation is quite simple:

Your body converts carbs into sugars; these sugars get absorbed into your bloodstream and travel into the cells in your body and are then used as energy.

“A lot of strength athletes think they don’t need carbohydrates, but they do,” says Veronica Mullins, M.S., R.D., an assistant professor of sports nutrition at the University of Arizona. “Our muscles, our brains, they function primarily on carbohydrates.”

The bottom line is: when you go low-carb, your body resorts to breaking down muscle proteins for energy, which hinders muscle growth.

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Veggies are a great choice for you digestive system and the fiber does wonders to your hunger as it fills you up nicely, but fiber-rich foods are not a great choice as your pre-workout meal.

The thing is that high-fiber foods take longer to digest and draw blood to your digestive system, which translates into slow muscle growth.

Whole Grain Toast

According to menshealth.com: “Complex carbs—like those in whole grains, vegetables, and beans—won’t help you fulfill your potential during endurance training.”

Simple carbohydrates are the way to go as your body can absorb them more rapidly for immediate use.

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