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3 Foods That Will Ruin Your Training: Don’t Consume These Pre-Workout (Pt.2)

August 16, 2017


Whether you are trying to lose weight, strengthen your body, or simply boost your muscle mass, one thing is always certain: you must eat smart before your workout session in order to fuel up your body so it can make progress.

Last time we talked about which foods you shouldn’t choose to eat pre-workout:

  • Low-Carb Protein Bars
  • Fiber
  • Whole Grain Toast

Now, we are giving you 3 more.

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Spicy Foods

If you are among the people who can’t really tolerate spicy food, you might want to steer clear from it before your workout session.

Spicy meals can trigger heartburn or acid reflux, caused by acids that escape your stomach and enter your esophagus, which often leads to the annoying burning sensation in your throat, and not to mention the sourness in your stomach, thus ruining your training.


“Everyone thinks nuts are this super-food, but they’re mostly just fat,” says Pamela Hinton, Ph.D., director of nutritional sciences graduate studies at the University of Missouri.

Much like fiber, fat takes a lot of time to travel through your body, which results in more blood flow to your GI tract and liver as it is much harder to digest fat-heavy foods.

“You don’t want to eat something high in fat, like fast foods, fried foods, or cheesy foods,” adds Hinton.


All sodas are packed with carbon dioxide. These bubbly drinks can make you feel gassy and full, or even cause abdominal pain when working out.

“Most of the carbonation escapes through your mouth, but some should still make it to your stomach, causing short-lived bloating and gas,” warns Pamela Hinton.

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