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15 Most Underrated Exercises


Each era has its own popular exercises and fitness routines as well as those which fall out of favor but inevitably make a come back sooner or later.

Some exercises are heavily underrated, which is a shame because they are usually those basic, core exercises that are so universal people often overlook them in their search for fancy equipment, complicated postures and faster results.

Our list is composed of highly underrated exercises which deserve to be incorporated into everyone’s workout routine because they are simple and highly effective.

1. Brisk Walk

Walking is usually not considered “real exercise” and it is associated with senior workouts, usually inside a shopping mall.

In reality, a brisk walk can be just as beneficial as running and promote cardiovascular health and decrease the risk of diabetes and high cholesterol.

A brisk walk doesn’t have to take up too much time as it can be incorporated into a daily routine by ditching the car or getting off the public transit a few stops earlier and briskly walking to the destination.

Brisk walk is a walk that is faster than a relaxing walk but not as stressful for the body as running.

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