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10 Worst Exercises For Middle Aged People


When you reach middle age, it’s time to start re-assessing the things you do on a daily basis and change them so they fit your life better from that point on.

Middle age is a tricky time in one’s lifetime, as it lies between a time when you could do anything at all in any manner and get away with it, and a time where you can be limited to some actions. However, if you start caring for yourself in time, you will reach old age in great shape!

One of the best ways to guarantee yourself a healthy, active future is by avoiding these 10 exercises when middle age starts knocking.

1. Leg Extensions

Leg extensions are the first of 10 workouts on this list, and for good reason, too.

If spending time in the gym is your cup of tea, we advise you just avoid leg extensions as they are major risks to the knees, especially when the weight is heavy and when the knees are fully extended.

This position is not at all the best one in the book for lifting heavy weights because the knee was not designed to do, nor is the resistance pressed upon the ankles the best situation for them.

Middle-aged people are especially prone to knee and ankle injuries, which makes this workout a seriously bad exercise option.

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