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10 Simple Ways To Make Any Exercise Harder

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Exercise isn’t meant to be easy. Lying on the couch eating chips is easy, and that’s probably why you need to exercise.

There needs to be sweat, aching muscles and a burn the morning after.

You’re putting your body through the wars here, and it’s going to come out the other side carved out of granite.

Enjoy the trials and learn to push yourself and you’ll get there all the quicker.

Here are a few tips to push your workout routine into overdrive.

1. Add ankle or wrist weights

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. If you want your muscles to get better, you’ve got to push them outside their comfort zone.

Free weights are a common option, with dumbbells and barbells providing good, measurable improvement. However, they’re bulky and impractical. If you’re doing lifts you can’t really do anything else.

Ankle and wrist weights are a great alternative. They come in a variety of sizes, from light as a paperweight to arm-stretching heavy, and they require no special technique or training. Simply strap them on and go about your routine normally. Every lift, turn, stretch or lap around the block is just a little bit harder.

You can even wear them as you go about your day doing chores and whatnot. Watch how light and strong your arms feel after an hour with one pound weights attached. It’s a good feeling for any exerciser.

Be warned: as with any weight, it’s important not to strain your muscles too hard. Start light and easy and work your way up. Wrist and ankle weights are designed to be worn for longer periods of time, so that five pounds you’ve got hanging off each wrist might feel easy at minute ten.

At minute thirty or forty, your arms might not want to cooperate anymore. Take it slow and work your way up and you’ll start to feel weird exercising without your wrist and ankle weights.

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