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10 Awesome Calorie-Burning Exercises

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When you are trying to lose weight, exercise becomes all about burning calories.

The more calories you can burn during a workout, the more body fat you will lose.

Calories come from the food we eat, and they are the energy we need in order to survive.

If you are already eating healthy, and have reduced the calories you eat everyday, it’s time to increase the calories you burn.

We recommend the following awesome calorie-burning exercises to help you reach the optimum health you deserve.

1. High-impact aerobics

In general, an hour of high-impact aerobics will burn around 511 calories. Step aerobics, jumping jacks, tennis, dance and many other high impact activities fall under this category.

Taking a high-impact aerobic class is a good way to ensure your heart rate is raised and kept high for long enough to burn some significant calories.

The high-impact aspect can be difficult on individuals who have bad knees or other similar problems. If that is the case with you, it is likely best for you to try one of the other activities mentioned below and stay away from anything with the high-impact label.

If you suffer from arthritis, high-impact aerobics may be to difficult.

If you experience pain doing jumping jacks, playing tennis or generally running around getting your heart rate up, it’s time to start thinking about other activities.

You can still get your heart rate raised without causing extra pressure on your joints.

The rule of thumb with high-impact aerobics is, if you are not able to recover quickly, try another form of exercise.

High-impact aerobics is a wonderful form of exercise that you can do both indoors and out. If you enjoy being outside, hit the tennis courts with a friend.

The goal is to push yourself to exercise hard so that you increase your heart rate without causing any damage to your joints. Muscle soreness is good. This is a sign you have worked out your muscles and you will be stronger for it. If soreness persists for days, you have worked out too hard.

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  2. Swimming! and Martial Arts! Both super high-impact workouts, easy on joints, total-body fitness and Martial Arts even provides that extra bit of constant change which is way better than limited angular repetition.