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Get Back In Shape After A Long Summer Vacation

Some fitness enthusiasts enjoy working out in the summer more than during any other time of the year, while there are those who just can’t be bothered to hit the gym when it’s 100 degrees outside. If you belong to ...

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Prepare For A Lower Body Assault

If there is something we really don’t like seeing, it’s the guys who skip ‘leg day’. Aside from looking like a muscle pyramid supported only by two toothpicks, these men also look like they’re lazy and one-sided, which can’t do ...

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10 Exercises You Should Do For The Rest Of Your Life

As you age, you may not be able to run marathons like you used to, but some exercises are simply more efficient than others. Your age isn’t to blame if you’re slacking with your workouts. It’s no surprise that regular ...

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Let the Rock Teach You How to Get Ripped Like Hercules: Part 1

The concept that Dwayne Johnson was going for in his role of Hercules was a big, bad demi-god. Hercules was known for his titanic strength that carried him through his 12 labors. To achieve the body of a son of ...

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Get A Bootylicious Butt In A Month With These 13 Easy Exercises


A pretty face and great cleavage are not enough. To be considered truly beautiful, a woman needs to look as good from the back as the front. Whether you plan to wear a bikini or a ball gown, and whether ...

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11 Tips For Sticking To Your Exercise Despite Your Allergies

It can be tough to get through the day with allergies, let alone try to exercise. Still, exercise is vital to good health. Using these tips can get you through your routine safely and with less discomfort. 1. Take medication, ...

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10 Gym Hacks To Save Time

Let’s face it – many people don’t go to the gym because it takes too much time. If you have the discipline to adhere to a workout schedule, though, you might still be frustrated by the amount of time you ...

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