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How To Get Perfect Beach Body In 6 Weeks

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Spring is here and summer is coming fast. Every year you say you’re going to buckle down and get rid of that extra weight for good.

Is this the year? Are you serious about finally getting rid of belly fat and increasing your tone and definition to create the beach body you’ve desired? Are you ready to put in hard work and stick with it every day?

If so, you’re ready to commit to this daily fat-burning, muscle sculpting routine that will enable you to compete for looks with all the most impressively sculpted bodies at the beach this summer.

The two main things you want when trying to lose weight and build muscle are toning exercises and cardio, and this workout combines both. Get ready to get in the best shape of your life and be the envy of the beach this summer!

Disclaimer: If you are under the consistent care of a doctor and take regular medications, talk with your doctor before beginning a rigorous exercise regimen. If you have a heart condition or another long-term, progressive ailment by which your life may be compromised by an increased heart rate, this regimen is not an ideal weight loss and toning strategy for you.

1. Stretch and Breathe

Stretching and breathing is often a step thought to be foolish and subject to numerous other judgments by those who don’t understand the reason.

Many people completely dismiss the necessity of this vital component to a workout regimen and simply dive into their workout.

As far as comfort is concerned and maintaining a willingness to ‘do it again tomorrow’, stretching thoroughly and breathing deeply before, during, and after a workout (especially one with high intensity) helps to minimize or completely prevent muscle soreness.

Imagine that you laid out in the sun all day and never put on sunscreen, and then once you developed a burn you never treated it. Sounds crazy, right? A sunburn can break down your skin, and you want to prevent the breakdown as much as possible and treat what does occur.

Since muscle is built and toned by being torn and repairing itself, muscle soreness is virtually guaranteed; but stretching your muscles in preparation of and as a cool down from rigorous activity is much like massaging the skin with vital nutrients.

The stretching would be the hands in this comparison and the oxygen would be the nutrients. Remember this: Professional athletes and body builders are not concerned about ‘looking silly’ or anything else – at least not to the point of being willing to forego this vital step.

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