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How Much Weight Will You Lose If You Work Out An Hour A Day?

April 9, 2014


If you want to lose weight fast, think again. Just like getting rich, it doesn’t happen overnight. There are many plans that tell you that if you do different things you will achieve a specific result.

One of the questions nutritionists and weight loss experts often get asked is: “How much weight will you lose if you work out an hour a day?”

Cardio activity is best

Theoretically, you will burn more calories in an hour if you do a more rigorous workout. So, if you do plan to work out for an hour each day, choose an activity that burns more calories.

This is why this question is so hard to answer, even among experts. Some people may walk for an hour, while others will swim laps in a large Olympic sized pool. Obviously, we have two different people doing a physical activity for one hour but the results are not going to be the same.

The person swimming the laps is using every muscle of their body and burning calories and fat at a much faster rate than the walker. So their result is going to be much more dramatic.

There are charts available in some places which tell you how many calories particular activities burn as opposed to others. This is a good guide to have to determine how much energy you are burning at a given time. This will give you a more accurate estimation as to how much weight you might expect to lose over a 30 day period.

The science behind the madness

It sounds good when you think of all the calories you would burn by working out an hour per day.

If you add that up, that equals about 1000 calories per day in general, multiplied by 30 days, which is 30,000 calories.

But if you realize that, scientifically, you need to burn 3500 calories to lose one pound, and you lose 1000 calories per day due to the hour workout, you should lose around 1 pound every three days on average, which is 10 pounds per month. That’s not bad and results in a reasonable weight loss goal, rather than one you could never reach.

The unknown factors

Keep in mind that there are factors which fluctuate and vary, according to the person.

For example, metabolism (the ability and speed by which a particular person burns calories and fat) varies among individuals.

Someone who is already active, for example, will kick in their metabolism faster and thus, burn more calories than someone who just started an exercise routine.

In addition, some of this tendency is based on genetics and overall health.

Even eating, ironically, has been known to speed up the metabolism and cause you to burn more calories (minus the ones you just took in). Taking these factors and variables into consideration is important when estimating the amount of weight loss you will see on regular 30 day period.

In a nutshell

In the final analysis, the math shows that you should lose, on average, about 10 pounds or more per month using this method.

But some may lose more or less, depending upon their rate of metabolism, level of activity, and other factors. The important thing is to get on a healthy eating plan and stick with it.

It is the road that you trod each and every day that paves the way to the future. Remember, the most important step you can take is the first one. Take some action and you will keep moving. Keep moving on and one step at a time, you’ll reach your goals!

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