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Britney Spears’ 3 Favorite Yoga Workout Moves

When we say Britney Spears’ training routine, you are probably imagining some dance-related workout sessions with a lot of “I like to move it, move it!” exercising moves, right? Well, you’re wrong. Although the pop diva does hit the gym ...

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See Khloé Kardashian’s Favorite Workout Routine

If you are looking to up your heart rate, burn fat and lose weight quickly yet effectively, by all means do read on! Getting your figure close to perfect just like the self-professed fitness fanatic Khloé Kardashian did is hard, ...

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Celeb Tips: Carrie Underwood Got Her Lean Legs Using These Two Moves

Country music star, Carrie Underwood, sure has some amazing vocal abilities, but she also has perhaps the sexiest legs in the biz. We wanted you to have the opportunity to get your lower limbs close to perfect like Carrie did, ...

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5 Killer Fitness Tips For A Perfect Beach Body

Summer of 2017 is dangerously near and you probably want to get that body in shape. Yes, Peter Griffin from Family guy has a hilarious point when he says that “round is also a shape,” but you want your beach ...

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Leg Day: 3 Crucial Exercises To Tighten Those Legs

We all know how difficult it is to tighten those tricky leg zones that always require a little extra work to tone. After a lot of research (read: trial and error), we’ve finally come up with a leg workout combo ...

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