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300 Gets an Overhaul Part 2

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Pictures Ever since the release of the movie, many and more have once again become infatuated with the idea of looking like a Spartan. However, unlike the original 300, trainer Mark Twight had to train up ...

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15 Exercises to do at Home for Ripped Abs

Going to the gym is a real pain-in-the-rear, especially if it has been awhile since you have exercised. Even though it is a myth, going to the gym can make many feel ultra-self-conscious because they imagine all the regulars seeing ...

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300 Gets an Overhaul, Including its Workout Part 1

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Pictures When the first 300 movie got released back in 2007, the amount of ripped out guys in the movie got everybody wondering what kind of fitness regime they worked under. Gerard Butler, who played King ...

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Let the Rock Teach You How to get Ripped like Hercules: Part 3

Dwayne Johnson

In this third and final segment, we will be focusing on Friday and Saturday, or how the Rock calls them, shoulders and another leg day. Many bodybuilders tend to forget their legs, and when they do the look their physique ...

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Let the Rock Teach You How to Get Ripped Like Hercules: Part 2

Now that you know how Dwayne Johnson worked his chest and legs for the movie “Hercules” it is time to move on to part 2: abs, arms, and back. The same concept for these workouts applies as in the last ...

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Let the Rock Teach You How to Get Ripped Like Hercules: Part 1

The concept that Dwayne Johnson was going for in his role of Hercules was a big, bad demi-god. Hercules was known for his titanic strength that carried him through his 12 labors. To achieve the body of a son of ...

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