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See Katy Perry Nail Her Coachella Workout On Instagram

Although many A-list celebrities tend to keep their workout routines under wraps, some like to share their exercise plans with their loyal fans. Katy Perry, luckily, is the latter. Since the singer is definitely one of the best looking and ...

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5 Reasons Why Weightlifting Is Better For You Than Crossfit

We all know that building muscles isn’t exactly child’s play. Achieving your goal, no matter how small or big it might be, requires a lot of effort and time. For that, and many other reasons, experts and gym-dwellers have come ...

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Top 3 Free Workout Apps To Get You Fit For Summer 2017

Whether you want to lose some weight, get a better grasp on your workout plan, see what you can do about your pre-workout, improve your conditioning, or simply want to record your exercises and workout sessions – the following workout ...

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3 Simple Tips On How To Make The Most Of Your Food Journal

If you mastered your daily gym routine, but still aren’t quite satisfied with the results, it might be time to start keeping a food journal and get your nutrition in balance. Keeping a food journal may take up a few ...

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3 Scientifically Proven Ways To Boost Your Workout Motivation

Do you have trouble finding motivation after just a few weeks into your workout plan? If you are among the millions who do, don’t fret for you came to the right place. Fortunately, economists and psychologists have been joining forces ...

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How To Protect Your Back With This Simple Daily Routine

We all tend to think only about getting stronger and packing on more muscle while we work out, but what we so often forget is taking care of our glutes, core, and lower back. Far too often these areas end ...

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