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7 Myths about Diet and Exercise which You Probably Still Believe


Every year, millions of people achieve their weight loss goals. But a lot more people lose their resolve due to a host of bad information on diet and exercise. Here are some common myths that circulate through workplaces, gyms, and on the Internet.

Myth #1: Eating Late Makes You Put on Weight

This is one of the most common diet-related myths. Some people will completely refuse to eat in the evening, typically after six or seven.

These people often assume that eating shortly before bed is even worse. The idea is that the metabolism stops or greatly reduces while we relax in the evenings and sleep at night.

However, your metabolism actually continues throughout the day and night, and there is no medical evidence to suggest that there is anything bad about eating late.

Eating late can sometimes indicate what dieticians describe as ‘stockpiling.’ In such cases, people eat excessively in the evening because they didn’t eat properly during the day. Eating at consistent meal times is better for your weight loss program.

Solution: Since the time of day doesn’t affect how your body processes food, your focus must be on your total calorie intake – that’s what truly matters. If you eat at night, choose low calorie foods or skip the after-dinner eats altogether.

However, there’s no harm in having your dinner at 9:00 if you missed it at 6:00.

Again, try to be consistent with your meal times and make sure to squeeze some exercise into your day to burn off excess calories.

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  1. Be careful when posting an article purporting to expose myths that you don’t perpetuate others…

  2. I’ve been told eating right before you go to bed may blunt a potentially high spurt of growth hormone you’d otherwise receive if your blood sugar was low.

    • My trainer told me to always eat a light snack before going to bed, like say, maybe a handful of nuts or some other good fat/protein ratio food. Works for me, and I’ve never gained any body fat, so it works for me, but everyone is different, I suppose.

  3. metabolism is always going, but its quite higher in the day when your active than at night when your not!! you dont need a scientific study to prove that, its obivous

    • Actually yes you do! Also that’s not true and you burn more during the night of average.

      During REM sleep a lot changes and your metabolism jumps a crazy amount. Resting =/= Sleeping.

      Resting or laying down lowers your heartbeat and metabolism that is correct, laying down isn’t sleep. Sleep is a physical condition where your brain becomes much more active, burning a lot of energy, heart rate varries, muscles are put into hibernation etc etc etc. That all takes extra energy. So please don’t EVER use the fucking word “obvious” again because… It ends up making you wrong.

      Sleeping/normal activity is basically the same for metabolic burning in different areas, resting is NOT the same as sleeping.

    • Yes but if you’re not sedentary you’ll probably want calories and protein in your bloodstream so you can heal.

  4. Some good points, However … Please lose the fat and calorie phobia already! Research has laid that to rest years ago. Ditch the wheat croutons fried in seed oils yes! But keep the grass-fed feta and olive oil which contain nourishing healthy fats for your body!

  5. Caesar Salads do NOT contain olives or feta cheese, they are made with Romaine lettuce, croutons, bacon, Parmesan cheese, and the Caesar dressing, which can be chock-full of high fat, high sodium calories, depending on what variety you purchase. The dressing generally contains anchovy, egg yolk, garlic (depending on recipe), oil – hopefully an excellent extra virgin olive oil, but often something of a lower grade in the mass produced dressings.

    A salad may not be the zero calorie option – I don’t know anyone who would think a Caesar salad had no calories attached – but, if given the choice of a greasy serving of fish and chips or a fresh chicken Caesar salad… sorry, no contest – salad has one thing the fish and chips doesn’t have…fibre… roughage. Less fat.

    Bon appetito.

  6. “… and there is medical evidence to suggest that there is anything bad about eating late.” Oh, thanks.

  7. Who puts bananas in the refrigerator?

    • bananas like the climate of the very, very tropical equator –
      So you should never put bananas in the refrigerator.”

      • The only time I put bananas in the refrigerator is if they are getting too ripe. The cold slows down the ripening process. Or, I freeze them after peeling them to use in smoothies.

      • Don’t put tomatoes in the refrigerator either, the low temp makes them pithy. (Like something pithed on them) But seriously, they should be kept at room temp when they’re uncut. Took me a long time to convince my own family, but try it, you’ll see.

  8. Since when is feta not healthy? And can we put to rest the myth that vegetarians are lacking protein? Very few if any vegetarians that eat a balanced diet are lacking protein.

    • Wrong I went to a school where half the students were vegetarian and almost all of them looked at me like deer in the headlights when I mentioned lysine which you can get from non-meat proteins but unless you just happen to have a specific set of favorite foods you’re probably not getting enough of unless you intentionally eat certain foods.

      “Very few if any vegetarians that eat a balanced diet are lacking protein.”
      This is true only because if you eat a balanced diet it means you’re not lacking in anything.

      • Captain Obvious, I stated “a balanced diet”. Your pals obviously were not eating a balanced diet.

      • Generally, methionine is the limiting essential amino acid in vegetable proteins. Brazil nuts, though, contain a considerable excess of methionine in their protein, so combining 5 or 6 brazils with a vegetable protein like beans, peas, other nuts, or whole grains will give an amino acid balance comparable to meat protein. As methionine becomes no longer the limiting amino acid, lysine and phenylalanine kick in about the same time as the limiting amino acids, but not by much.
        Brazils also supply a good amount of selenium and linoleic acid.

    • B.S. Plant protein is NOT muscle building protein… It’s like having a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle with 27 pieces missing… . That’s why Soy Protein acts as a CARBOHYDRATE in the body. The body cannot use it as a protein unless it has the missing pieces.

  9. Completely Anonymous

    Also, what if stretching helps us mentally get ready for exercise? Sometimes I know I’ll wrap up a tough day at work and want to physically deal with that stress. However, my mind is still partially at the office. A few minutes to just stretch helps me to better concentrate on my workout so I’m not using bad form.

  10. I have to disagree that vegetarians aren’t eating healthier than meat eaters these days, because of all the chemicals forced into livestock now. Growth hormones are used to make animals grow to mature size in weeks rather than months, and antibiotics pumped in crazy high doses are wreaking havoc on carnivores. The fact that Europe, Russia, China and Australia (there are others) won’t buy U.S. raised meat is a huge red-flag. Check it out yourself- it’s bad.

    • That is why I only eat wild-caught or free range meat.

    • That’s why you should hunt and harvest all your own meat. not only is it completely organic but because I took the animal from the woods to the dinner table, I know exactly how the meat was handled!! much cleaner!!

  11. “Protein, which is critical in any healthy diet, is hard to come by for those who avoid meat”. c’mon protein is in most veges – fact there’s more protein in a fist of broccoli than an 8oz blade of steak. Meat is about as beneficial to humans as cigarettes, forget everything you were taught about meat and protein – what you learnt from your parents and they learnt from their parents was bull, it’s all sales, agriculture = sales, meat = cancer just like smoking.

    • Sorry, there is NOT not more protein in broccoli than in meat. I don’t know where you got this information from, but it is false. Having said that, the traditional American diet has way too much protein in it. Vegetarians need to ensure they get all of the necessary amino acids. That is far more important than protein.

    • Uh.. no..

  12. All I know is that, if I eat after 8:00 PM, I wake up the next morning with extreme hunger. That does not happen if I stop eating before 8:00 PM.

  13. Tofu is NOT a healthy diet choice. Most of the soybeans grown in the US are GMO. And the chemicals used to make tofu in the US are not good for us.

    • Most soy is not properly processed (and yes, soy needs to be processed) and therefore unhealthy to eat.

  14. constance brown

    how about telling us how we SHOULD exercise! Besides which, where r u getting your info from??