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7 Facts You Need To Know If You Want A Toned Abdomen


Flat, toned abs may seem elusive, but getting there is actually a simple process.

The only problem is, you actually have to work to get toned abs, and you have to work to maintain them.

Fortunately, getting a toned abdomen isn’t rocket science, and it won’t take long to start seeing progress once you commit to a regime that will eliminate belly fat and work your abdominal muscles.

Here are seven facts about toning your abdomen that will help you develop the perfect balance of diet and exercise to get the hard, defined belly you’ve always wanted.

1. Diet matters just as much as exercise

Belly fat is the most dangerous fat you can wear. It causes inflammation all over your body and increases your risk for cancer and heart disease. It also covers your abdominal muscles, so no matter how strong they are, you’ll still appear flabby around the middle.

The worst things you can eat when you’re trying to lose fat and gain muscle are refined carbs and sugars, unhealthy fats and foods high in sodium.

Instead, you should focus on eating mostly unprocessed foods that have high nutritional value, including fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

The food you eat in a day should supply you with the optimum amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fats.

Cutting carbs and fat out of your diet is a recipe for disaster.

The calories you consume should be comprised of between 45 and 65 percent carbohydrates, 10 to 35 percent protein and 20 to 35 percent fat.

It’s not just what you eat that counts, but also when. Research shows that eating six times a day instead of three maintains an energy balance that lends itself to losing fat and gaining lean muscle.

You’ll still have your three main meals a day, but make them smaller and supplement them with three snacks. Each meal and snack should be as unprocessed and healthy as possible, and should always include some of the powerhouse foods that pack in the nutrients, including fruits and vegetables, almonds, beans, greens, eggs, lean meats, whole grains and berries.

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  1. the guyz r so fit

  2. Grumpy The Unicorn

    reduced fat zombies strike again. hwo many times do we have to tell them that reduced and low and NO fat diets just put weight on you because YOU NEED THE FUDGING FAT FOR MULTIPLE REASONS? MOderation and the right amount of nutrients is the key. Jesus Christ. Believe you me, I know this. why? because I used to be 160 pounds. twice. twice I got myself down to 110. i am now at 120 for health reasons. i studied myself, my eating habits, mainly becuase i have asperger’s and i would have meltdowns with paranoid features if i ate the wrong foods. but that may have been a b deficiency… as i have gone back to eating grains and dairy due to the fact I couldn’t get enough fod on paleo. sadly though, my gas is back to hurting again. that was one of the good things about paleo… it made the pain go away.

    dang it. i am not scared of the word GAS. neither should anyone else be. and you shouldn’t be scared of fat. we have it for a reason. moderation and nutrients, people. DUH. I have a flabby waistline, but i only weigh 120 pounds. exercise does not work for me… I tried. I can STILL lift 70 pounds though. I think the reason I am flabby is because I am slightly hypotonic… nothing i do, not wiht weight loss or exercise ofr anything, gets rid of it. it’s not THAt bad, just enough to be annoying and hide any definition i might have from purposely holding in like our mommies taught us all these years. sigh.

    • Try using callanetics, this exercise will work for you. It’s ot like your regular exercise, its different. You also may be allergic against Gluten and that may cause the GAS. Try cutting out Gluten from your food and I have a feeling you will see results within 1 week with both of these things implemented into your lifestyle.

  3. Eat healthy and get an average of 30-60 minutes of aerobic activity a day. Duh. Need low-impact? Then walk. It will help.